DADRAM S.p.A., founded in 1956, is a specialized manufacturer of top quality Ball Valves for high performance critical applications in Floating, Trunnion mounted and special configuration, size 1/4″ to 36″, 150Ibs to 25001bs, PNIO to PN 450, full and reduced bore, in Carbon Steel, Stainless steel, Nickel and exotic alloys, for the following services:
– Chemical
– Petrochemical
– Refining
– Oil & Gas
– Power generation
– Desalting units
– Ship building
– On-shore & Off-shore Oil & Gas production
– On- shore Oil & Gas pipeline
– Oil & Gas storage
– Transportation & gatherin systems
– Gas re-injection plants
– Gas treatment plants
– LPG and LNG production storage
– Transportation

Moreover, extensive experience in the most advanced sealing technologies . The standard multiport selector valve (MSV) which is the compact solution for multiple wells test and measurement, has many advantages. One of the main advantages of the MSV is to have a single operation point in order to control 7 or more wells stream . Moreover the MSV can be supplied with manual positioning system or with an intelligent actuator.
Main advantages of MSV:
– Reduced inestallation and operation cost
– Modular, compact and self-contained
– Multi-phase meter test in-line
– Lower environmental impact
– Smallest leakage due to special static and dynamic seat design
– Design by FEM analyse

– Floating ball valve
– Trunnion ball valve
– Control ball valve
– Top entry ball valve
– Twin ball DB & B valve
– HIPPS ball valve
– High pressure service valve
– Cryogenic ball valve
– Subsea ball valve
– MSV and production skid
– Multi port selector valves
– RVD remore valve diagnosis