Who We Are

Aria Tajhiz Apadana

Aria Tajhiz Apadana (ATA) a private joint stock company established in 2010 and is registered in Tehran under registration No.3662.88 is an engineering, procurement and trading house, supervision and Project management company.

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We act as a procurement & project provider for companies. We are well- known in the oil and gas market & very well accepted as the customer’s official representatives by supply market. Our strive is to meet the standard of our customers for the highest levels of quality, security and environment conviction. We are your supply chain partner that makes your transactions easier, quicker & more efficient.


ATA has a department entirely dedicated to overseeing client contract tracking, supplier contacts and deliveries. A single contact person is assigned to each client in an effort to streamline, to the greatest extent possible, administrative paperwork while ensuring orders are being filled successfully. This department also provides clients with an up-to-date status report on order progress.

OA/QC Department

Quality management is an integral part of the ATA organization. The system is designed to ensure that all customers requirements are met, whilst retaining the ability to act quickly without being stifled by bureaucracy. Decision making is local but with in- built checks and balances to ensure the elimination of errors.